ETHEREUM Rock sells for $ 600k as NFT craze continues

$ 608,000 for a picture of a cliff may seem too wild to be true. Today, however, an exemplary example of the NFT etherrocks project is being sold for it.

Now sellers want more for shiny JPEGs. the cheapest pet stone sells for $ 1 million. Just yesterday, the cheapest Stone was estimated at $ 305,000, and just two weeks ago, one sold for $ 100,000.

Current Price Level # EtherRock: 321321. 12 ether ($1,046,742. 02)

The Rock ID Is 62,321. 12 Eth
Rock, IDS 57, 3225 Eth
Rock, ID 89,333 Eth
Rock ID-38,345 ETH
Rock ID-68,399 Eth
Rock, IDS 94, 399 Eth
42 Eth shake the identity Ξ420

Recent Sales
Ξ187 Eth 2 hours ago
Ξ179 Eth 3 hours ago

Eth 2 hours ago

– Etherrock price (@etherrockprice) August 22, 2021

The buyer of yesterday’s cheapest stone would have made $ 400,000 if he had sold it at the current market rate.

Gems are NFT or unalterable tokens: blockchain-based tokens that indicate ownership of digital objects such as image or video files or physical assets.

There are 100 airs, each created in 2017-old for the NFT project. The illustrations were taken from a database of free clips and were inspired by the craze of 1970s rock-style home toys.

Ethereum Pet Rock NFT sells for more than $ 100,000
All 100 stones look the same, but some are painted in different colors. EtherRock 55, a stone that sold yesterday for $ 409,000, is one of four blue stones. Sales led to the peak of trade.

Tron chief executive Justin Sun, known for his screaming spending habits, said this morning he had bought the stone for half a million dollars. He did not say which was Which, but his tweet points to a gray stone. Etherrocks ‘ Twitter bot confirmed two hours before the sun’s tweet that such a stone had sold for $ 580,000.

I spent half a million dollars on the stone

– Justin Sun-22 (@justinsuntron) August 22, 2021

But why buy these stones? Andrew Kahn, an avid NFT collector who told decrypt he had two stones, tweeted his reasoning today:

“for some people

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