Ethereum Price Tops $ 2600 As Bitcoin Growth Slows

The price of Ethereum reached $ 2600, a price not seen since the beginning of June, and the cryptocurrency is still down from its all-time high of $ 4357 on May 12.

But now the second largest cryptocurrency is recovering. The price of Ethereum has risen 5.59% in the last 24 hours and 21.77% this week.

Ethereum’s market capitalization is currently $ 304 billion, giving it $ 779 billion in Bitcoin. The capitalization of global cryptorynka is currently $ 1.70 trillion, 1% more than day to day.

Part of the rise in Ethereum prices may be due to a major update planned for London hardfork on August 5. London is introducing EIP-1559, a code fragment that burns down part of the ETH, otherwise it will be paid to ethereum miners as gas absorbers.

Ethereum’s growth this year has been bolstered by decentralized financing, a series of non-warehousing trade and credit protocols in which traders blocked $ 71.5 billion.

NFT projects such as CRYPTOPUNKS have also helped. While the non-mushroom craze has largely disappeared, the average price of crypto banks has risen 53% in the past week after some Ethereum whales began catching them on Friday. Nearly 16,000 ETH ($41.5 million) crypto banks went hand in hand yesterday, compared with 709 ETH ($1.8 million) last Saturday.

What’s on the London ethereum hardfork outside EIP-1559?
An anonymous crypto bank investor who sold his NFT yesterday for 28 ETH ($72,300) told decrypt he had “asked for more ETH for EIP-1559” and would buy the crypto bank. “when the price falls again and happens.”Other traders think that EIP-1559 is already priced like other” buy rumors, sell News ” phenomena.

By the way, the word in the letter “B” is Dec.”
Bitcoin’s price is $ 41,522, just 0.26% more than yesterday. But it has rebounded 21.2% this week to nearly $ 42,000. The growth follows two months since the market crash in May.

Joshua Lim, head of derivatives at Genesis Global Trading, told decrypt that bitcoin had risen in the upset

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