Ethereum price prediction: ETH / USD trying to change the movements of the current bearish retracement

Ethereum Price Forecast – After a long upward reversal in ETH / USD trading on March 28, the crypto appears to have found weak support at the $ 1,500 level with price trading below the $ 1,800 resistance point near the north. Key ETH / USD market levels: Resistance levels: 1900 USD, 2100 USD, 2300 USD Support levels: 1500 USD, 1300 USD, 1100 USD ETH / USD – Daily chart Looks like a critical support level is shown as it is a formation 14-day SMA north It consists of about two candlesticks with lower pins along with a lower shadow trade candlestick against the trendline. Both SMAs point more north than any other direction. Still, the 50-day SMA is lower than the smaller 14-day SMA. Stochastic oscillators moved from the oversold zone in the north to the 40 range. This points to promising potential for an uptrend in the loom. Will ETH / USD trade break above the 14-day SMA trend line around $ 1,700? There is currently a weak active market movement around USD 1,700. ETH / USD bulls are trying to change their position in this crypto trade. Meanwhile, a tipping point was hit to give a chance for a possible recovery with a number of possible moves above the $ 1,800 resistance level in a close trading session. With a highly volatile move, there could be a rapid reversal in prices near the $ 2,200 peak. On the other hand, ETH / USD bears should watch a pit stop and rejection of an active price move near the $ 1,900 resistance line before considering a sell order. However, if these two assumptions do not appear at this trading level, you will have to patiently wait for the session to take place in a higher trading area of the market. Traders planning to sell should be careful in their decisions every time they launch their positions. ETH / BTC Price Analysis To some extent, Ethereum, if Read more

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