Ethereum Price Forecast: ETH/USD Recovery Wars

Struggle for Recovery – June 23 The recent downside forces in the ETH/USD market valuation have now moved the price war to a low for recovery. At the time of writing, the crypto point is trading at $5.95 at $1,992. Recovery Battle: ETH Market Fundamentals: Resistance Levels: $2,500, $3,000, $3,500 Support Levels: $1,700, $1,500, $1,300 ETH/USD – Daily Chart After a notable drop in ETH/USD market valuation, the price is now struggling before recovery. The bottom below $2,000 is exiting the low trading zone. The 50-day SMA indicator was tapped by the 14-day SMA trendline as a buy signal with the aim of cutting it southward as the bearish trend line was drawn over them. Stochastic Oscillators indicate that some degree of cautious trading spirit should be applied in the oversold zone, especially when a sell order is executed at this trading level. Buy Ethereum Now At What Price Are The $2,000 And $1,500 Levels Struggling For A Reliable Recovery? ETH/USD market caps around $2,000 and $1,500 are areas where a price battle for recovery could be credible. Buyers may need to watch for downtrend price action to get a good entry. No doubt there will be many small down moves that can trigger panic selling which can lead to long-term regrets in some traders at a later date. On the other hand, many things seem to be stalled as the market outlook is not the ideal technique to continue with open interest at the moment. ETH/USD sellers are forced to keep their positions in the market closed for a while, instead of revealing more. Consolidation of a consolidation move around $2,000 could eventually cause the crypto's market cap to plummet further. ETH/BTC Price Analysis

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