Ethereum Price Forecast: ETH / USD drops points in December

December July 11-reduction of points in the range
Trading between Ethereum and US dollar decays points between $ 2500 and $ 2000 decays. The Cryptocurrency has been trading at $ 2093, a negative 0.87 per cent since the summer.

Drops scores in December: eth market
Key Levels:
Resistance levels: $ 2500,$ 3000, $3500
Support levels: $ 1800,$ 1600, $1400

ETH / USD – daily chart
Sunday December the Daily ETH / USD chart shows that the value of the crypto market has decreased by several percentage points in the range, which also reflects the trading indicators. A very small, smaller bear candle is near the lower level of the $ 2000 December. The 50-day SMA indicator is above the 14-day SMA trend line, as both point east in the middle of the current limited December trading zones, indicating that the crypto market is experiencing a side Trend. Stochastic oscillators move south from the overbought zone to reach the 40 December. The market appears to be taking a break as it gets stuck around the lower end of the December in the close session.
Buy Ethereum now, will there be a change towards crypto trading if ETH / USD cuts access points? During the daily trading session on July 8, a candle of decline appeared, erasing some of the effort that ETH/USD market bulls had spent trying to trade on larger SMAs in limited-range trading areas. As a result, the price of the cryptocurrency is now reduced by a few points towards a smaller December line. More noticeable pressure to the South against the lower range line, combined with a rebound, will potentially lead to a decent buy-in.

In analyzing the reverse of this crypto economy, it was necessary to push the pressure on the value of the current Sunday to just over $ 2000. Measurements of stochastic oscillators still show that relatively downward movement is inevitable. Therefore, traders should pay attention to the reliable active falling force before considering selling in a lower area

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