Ethereum Price Forecast: ETH/USD Breaks Something South

A slight break south – June 12 Market forces between Ethereum and the US dollar broke south slightly in the recent low range of $2,500 and is now trading around the $2,334 line, down -0.84 percent. Slightly breaking south: ETH market Key levels: Resistance levels: $3,000, $3,500, $4,000 Support levels: $2,000, $1,800, $1,600 ETH/USD – daily chart ETH/USD daily chart, there is serial short term bearish pressure in the market is showing. Starting June 4, the crypto economy will be available around the $2,500 USD trading zone. The 50-day SMA indicator and the 14-day SMA trendline point east, while the bearish trendline crossed the smaller SMA near the lead. Stochastic oscillators angled down 20 from the overbought zone. This indicates, to some extent, that the ETH/USD market may still experience slight bearish pressures. Buy Ethereum Now Will ETH/USD Continue Falling Long As It Breaks South Now? As the price has now broken southward a bit, it looks like a prolonged decline in the Ethereum market against the US dollar will only be released for a while. In light of this technical trading assumption, bulls need to be wary of whether a bullish signal candlestick will emerge from the depths of a lower trading zone to consider a good entry position. At this point, traders considering further shorting regarding the level of lower trading status of this crypto market have to think twice. A further southward push below the $2,500 level could mean the price would drop to test the $2,000 support level immediately. In another technical trading sense, now is the best investment time an investor can consider worth participating in. ETH/BTC Price Analysis When we compare the market trend view between Ethereum and Bitcoin, the price analysis chart is just smaller.

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