Ethereum Portemonnee Gnosis breidt uit naar Poligon, Akıllı zincir Binance en Arbitrum

Although gas costs at Ethereum are much lower today than at the peak of the crypto Sunday earlier this year, the Gnosis team is still aiming to cut costs and launch less expensive crypto networks.

1 January 2021 to present. Source: Etherscan
The project, which launched Gnosis Safe, a kind of super-secure crypto wallet in the polygon and Binance smart chain, offers users cheaper solutions than the main Ethereum network. Gnosis will also be released in Arbitrum, another solution to scale Etheruem after it is released later this year. 

Gnosis Safe differs from the more common crypto wallets, which are protected only by a set of words and numbers called private keys. If someone accesses your private key, you can say goodbye to your cryptophones.

Gnosis wallet uses smart contracts to create more advanced ways to protect your cryptography. Another important difference is that Gnosis provides multiple signature functions, which means that more than one person must sign an operation before it can be performed.

These features made the wallet particularly interesting for Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (Daos), larger teams that assist in overall operations, and wealthy individuals.Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, uses the service to manage its funds, for example. 

Gnosis Safe currently holds more than $ 1 billion in ETH and ERC20
Gnosis saves costs, expands services
Now, going beyond Ethereum, Gnosis Safe offers projects lower gas costs and flexibility to secure their cryptography, says Lucas Shore, Gnosis project manager, in an interview with decrypt. 

“DAO may want to access applications on alternative [Ethereum] mainnet networks. For example, Superfluid daos is popular for streaming payments and is available on Polygon but not on mainnet,” he said.

Other benefits will improve the quality of management within DAO. When the cost of gas is too high, vote blockchain or vote blockchain directly

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