Ethereum has exceeded the limit of 200 000 validators currently deployed in eth 2.0 with more than $ 14 billion

The Ethereum network continues to provide more support as the launch approaches every day. The network has now successfully passed 200,000 verifications, which means there are now more than 200,000 verifier nodes to run ETH 2.0, and how to count them. The amount of ETH wagered is now more than $ 6.6 million in wagered money, and is more than $ 14 billion above the value of ETH currently deployed on the network.

More than 20,000 verifiers were added to the network within a month, and the number of verifiers increased from 180,000 to over 200,000. In this way, a growing number of ETH’s have been deployed on the network. More investors continue to invest their money, waiting to upgrade to ETH 2.0, accompanied by rewards for verifiers.

Discussion on the topic / Ethereum EIP-3675 for ETH 2.0 update launched on GitHub

Currently, the amount of filled ETH is more than 5% of the total circulating ETH supply. With current annual revenue of 6.1% of the ETH ratio in the Ethereum network.

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The transition of the Ethereum evidence network to commitment proof has been a hot topic in crypto since the project was announced. Although it took ethereum CEO Vitalik Buterin longer to complete the project than initially imagined. According to the CEO, the move was accompanied by numerous delays, most of which were caused by a lack of staff and technical issues working on the update.

ETH price $ 2300 testing resistance point / source: ETHUSD on
Ethereum is still working on a proof-of-work mechanism, but switching to proof-of-play will allow the network to get less electricity for coins, making mining jobs much less than they currently are. Reducing electricity consumption will solve the problem of mining pollution, which has long been a controversial issue in the mining industry.

Recently, EIP-3675 was officially formalized as an improvement proposal

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