Ethereum (ETH) prijs reached a 13-week hug als ETH 2.0, which cost $ 3.

Earlier today, the price of Ethereum (ETH) hit a new weekly high of $ 2,409 as the second-largest cryptocurrency began to gain bullish momentum heading into London hardfork. The upcoming hardfork will make major changes to its Ethereum network, including EIP-1559, which promises to solve the critical gas charge problem. Gas charges on the Ethereum network began to rise again, approaching 100.

The current increase in gas spending is due to Shiba swaps. Thus, the upcoming implementation of EIP-1559 will play a critical role in making the Ethereum network once again the choice for both Defi and spot traders.

This season, ether has also managed to attract a number of financial giants, including Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan, to buy ALTCOIN BTC as a leading store of value in the near future. Both JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs believe the increased use of ether and the depth of the Sunday can make it a real store of value compared to bitcoin. JP Morgan also predicted that ETH 2.0 rates could lead to a $ 40 billion sewing industry.

ETH 2.0 bid reaches $ 13 billion milestone
The Ethereum network ETH 2.0 transition continues as more ETH continues to move to ETH 2.0 contracts. Recently, Swiss bank Sygnum became the First Bank in the world to offer the eth 2.0 strike. The total valuation of ETH deployed on ETH 2.0 strike contracts has recently exceeded $ 13 billion as ETH volume on exchanges continues to decline.

Source: CryptoQuant
ETH 2.0 is considered the largest network update for ethereum, which will lead to a shift from consensus on mining with proof of work to proof of betting. The transition is to make Ethereum one of the fastest blockchains, as the current network does not have time behind the growing ecosystem. The transition promises to giant the network as quickly as a central payment processor.

In the short term, London hardfork is quite an important development, as it promises to eliminate the problem of gas charges with a basic transaction fee

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