Ethereum Clear Front Runner in Crypto Adoption Accelerates Faster Than Bitcoin: Macro Guru Raoul Pal

Real Vision founder and macro analyst Raoul Pal says Ethereum has beaten Bitcoin in the race for widespread user acceptance. In a new interview on UpOnly, Pal highlights the key criteria that underline Ethereum's popularity and a much better adoption rate than Bitcoin. "And we know this by the number of developers on it, the number of applications on it, and the number of wallet addresses – the rate of increase. So it's growing twice as fast as Bitcoin right now. So Ethereum is growing about 100%. Bitcoin is growing about 50% a year." Pal says that during the online boom of the 1990s, the entire crypto space gained users at a much faster rate than the Internet.” And the entire digital asset space is growing at about 113% per year, which is twice the growth rate of the Internet. So this is the fastest adoption of any technology in history." Because ETH moves the fastest in space, Pal believes the asset's value has been greatly underestimated. "ETH is leading right now. Now that doesn't mean it will always be like that, but it's clearly gaining network effects right now so I think the network value is low." Pal, a notorious Bitcoin bull, explains that the rapid adoption of Ethereum has not destroyed the value of Bitcoin. “We know that the Bitcoin network is valuable… All these worlds will be destroyed. It's not "either" or one or the other. I think everything combines some kind of interoperability and many will have an important function. So while Bitcoin is moving towards ETH, ETH is moving towards Bitcoin. They all mix each other's characteristics, so it's not a rivalry, it's a symbiotic relationship." l Don't Miss a Break – Subscribe to receive crypto email alerts straight to your inbox Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Telegram The Daily Hodl Mix Check the latest news Headlines Disclaimer: Opinions expressed on The Daily Hodl investment advice is not. Investors should do their best.

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