Eth / USD Trader izleme 2666,78: 7 Temmuz 2021 ETH technique analiza Sally Ho

Ethereum (ETH / USD) was looking for a new market trend early in the Asian session, as traders continued to see the 2500.98 and 2750.37 levels as technically important areas.  The ETH / USD pair reached 4384.43 after recent buying activity in the region of 2152.84, a correction of 61.8% over the wide historical trading December to 2017.07 from 551.45.  Technical December then appeared in the range of 2153.24, which tested a 78.6% correction of the December increase from 1545.77 to 4384.43.   Rates recently lifted ETH / USD from 1717.41, and stops from 1868.97 were preferred, the final price drop target against emerging sales pressure in the 4177.77 region. 

Recently, the number of stops between 1868.97 and 1789.02 have been decommissioned. During the decline, the decline target is related to the resulting sales pressure around the levels of 4177,77, 3531,06 and 2640. If ETH / USD fails to keep recent gains, the price reduction targets are 1588, 1495, 1467, 1442, 1339, and 1155 levels.  Traders noted that the 50-bar average (4 hours) was below the 100-bar average (4 hours) and the 200-bar average (4 hours).  It also falls below 50 bar average (hours), 100 bar average (hours), and 200 bar average (hours).

Price activity is closest to the 100 bar average (4 hours) at 2075.12 and the 100 bar average (hours) at 2142.19.

Technical support expected in the region 1700/ 1633.51/ 1456.03 you’d expect that to happen with the stops below.

Technical resistance expected to be close 3122.22/ 3420.10/ 3788.66 with stops expected above.

On the 4-hour chart, SlowK is bullish above Slowd, while MACD is bearish below the Macda average.

On the 60 minutes chart, SlowK tends to rise above Slowd, while MACD tends to rise above the macda average.


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