ETH / USD pieken op 3311 voordat gain: technical analysis by Sally Ho 22 August 2021 ETH

Ethereum (ETH / USD) continued to benefit from the positive technical sentiment it had at the beginning of the Asian session, as the pair was near the 3311 level after trading in the 3300 zone during the European session.).  Traders observe that ETH / USD rose above the 3189.10 level during the last retreat, equivalent to a 78.6% retreat test in the fall December from 3293.17 to 2812.01.  The stoppages were recently picked up during the recent increase, which was price growth targets linked to buyer pressures, which occurred around 3235.10 and 3266.37 in July, around 1718.41. 

Additional reverse correction levels and potential technical resistance areas include zones 3448.52, 3744.53, 3757.51, 3815.95 October 3857.25.  After moving to month highs, decoupling levels and potential technical support areas include areas 2893,53, 2887,09, 2787,81, 2746,74 and 2721,46.  Traders note that the 50-bar average (4 hours) is rising above the 100-bar average (4 hours) and above the 200-bar average (4 hours).  It also rises above the 50-bar average (per hour), the 100-bar average (per hour), and the 200-bar average (per hour).

Price activity is closest to a 50-bar average at 3186.97 (4 p.m.) and a 50-bar average (hour) at 3223.49.

Technical support expected in the region 1700/ 1633.51/ 1456.03 you’d expect that to happen with the stops below.

Technical resistance expected to be close 3341.47/ 3420.10/ 3788.66 with stops expected above.

On the 4-hour chart, SlowK is below slow, while the MACD is rising above the Macda average.

On the 60 minutes chart, SlowK is bullish above SLOWD, while MACD is bearish below the Macda average.


DISCLAIMER: This trade analysis is provided by a third party and is for informational purposes only. This does not reflect Crypto Daily’s view and is not intended for this

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