ETH / USD ondersteund gate bias: Sally Ho Technical Analysis July 28, 2021 ETH

Ethereum (ETH / USD) continued constructively at the start of the Asian session as traders worked to boost recent gains, with its pair trading reaching 2390.  Recent buying pressure has seen eth / USD rise from the 1995 region in recent days, a move that accelerated after hovering above levels of 2247.69 and 2262.94, with 76.4% and 78.6% of the last December of decline falling from 2411.19 to 1718.41.   October December 2354.92 additional stoppages were activated, a 23.6% retreat from the last fall range of 4384.43 to 1728.

Some of October’s additional withdrawal levels, including 2742,76, 3056.22, 3369.67, 3757.51 and 3815.95.   After recently rising to multi-day highs, some negative withdrawal levels and potential technical support areas cover 2231,50, 2133,45, 2054.21, 1974.96 and 1876.91.  Traders note that the 50 bar average (4 hours) is below the 200 bar average (4 hours) and the 100 bar average (4 hours) is below the downward trend.  It also shows 50 bar average (per hour) above 100 bar average (per hour) and 200 bar average (per hour) on the rise.

Price activity is closest to the 200 bar average (4 hours) at 2055.02 and the 50 bar average (hours) at 2196.55.

Technical support expected in the region 1700/ 1633.51/ 1456.03 you’d expect that to happen with the stops below.

Technical resistance expected to be close 3122.22/ 3420.10/ 3788.66 with stops expected above.

On the 4-hour chart, SlowK declines below slow, while the MACD rises above the Macda average.

On the 60 minutes chart, SlowK tends to rise above Slowd, while MACD tends to rise above the macda average.


DISCLAIMER: This trade analysis is provided by a third party and is for informational purposes only. Crypto does not reflect everyday opinion and is not intended to be used as legal, tax, investment

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