ETH / USD Eyeing 3000 Figure: Technical Analysis of Sally Ho May 3, 2021 ETH

Ethereum (ETH / USD) rose at the beginning of the Asian session and the pair rose to 2944 after trading as low as the area 2855.29 during the European session, and the lowest level between days was 38 tests. the increase ranges between 2682.83 and 2956.99. Traders recently pushed ETH / USD to a new high around the 2956.99 area and are now planning to test the psychologically significant 3000 figure. To reach an all-time high, the pauses were selected above the 2865.42 level, an upward price target due to historical buying pressure emerging at 90.00. Recently, stops were also selected above the area of 2677.40, an upward price target due to buying pressure starting around 148.08, with additional stops. Due to historic buying pressure around 176.43, it was recently picked above the 2585.62 level. In a recent relapse, the stops were recently selected below the levels 2311.47, 2251.76, 2165.15, 2068.50 and 2046.89. Additional price targets on the upside include 3.067.80 and 3.164.19 levels. Possible levels of technical support during withdrawals include zones 2624, 2515.12, 2504 and 2427.13. Investors point out that the 50 bar MA (4 hours) indicates an increase above the 100 bar MA (4 hours) and the 200 bar MA (4 hours). It also indicates an increase above 50 bar MA (per hour), 100 bar MA (per hour) and 200 bar MA (per hour). The price activity is closest to the 50 bar (4 hours) MA at 2639.83 and the 50 bar MA (per hour) at 2878.09. Technical support is expected around 2624.00 / 2515.12 / 2427.13 with stops below. Technical resistance is expected to stand above 3067.80 / 3164.19 / 3239.60. On the 4-Hour Chart, the SlowK is rising above the SlowD, while the MACD is below the MACDA average. The SlowK on the 60-minute chart is significantly above the SlowD, while the MACD is below the MACDA average.

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