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The day before the fourth anniversary of Bitcoin Cash, the Smart Bitcoin Cash (Smartbch) team announced that the project had launched three nodes as Genesis validators. Smartbch showed this, ViaBTC and Matrixport are participating, and the project officially began with the voting period.

Smartbch launches Genesis validators for smart chain
The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community has been waiting patiently to develop the project’s Smartbch. This is because Smartbch can decouple a huge potential between Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin money.

The protocol could strengthen decentralized financing (Defi) in bitcoin Cash and be compatible with the second largest crypto assets in terms of market capitalization. the news first appeared on Smartbch in the first week of April, and 15 days later they interviewed the project’s lead developer.

At the end of the month, Smartbch launched a testing network that gives developers and manufacturers of decentralized applications the opportunity to experiment and develop with a high-performance, EVM-compliant Bitcoin Cash side chain. Now Smartbch has launched its three-node engines acting as Genesis validators.

ViaBTC, Matrixport and three Smartbch nodes to manage “Smartbch and now this is in the first voting period,” explains the announcement Project. “Sha256 miners will choose more verifiers and take on this task in the future.”

“We have two months more development time than the initial evaluation to complete Moeingads’ data structure and reorganize operations on Sep101, SEP206 and smartbch, ” adds the Smartbch development team.

“MoeingADS is a basic storage engine that is very difficult for the world state to turn into hard forks,” Smartbch developers say. “ETHEREUM MPT’s basic data storage engine has never changed its data structure from the very beginning. MoeingADS is now strong enough to support 51k TPS and can support Smartbch’s growth

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