Establishment of the decentralized Blackrock / Index Cooperative (sotn 7/27)

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Index Coop is a DAO that aims to create completely decentralized crypto indexing products such as DPI (Defi momentum Index). Recently, the index Cooperative merged with bankless DAO to launch the bearing index: 1/3 bitcoin, 1/3 ether and 1/3 DPI.
Products like this make it easier than ever for certain features to be included in the game, so do your own research and find out why the future of Finance is decentralized. This week, we’re recruiting four core employees from Index coop so they can help us with that.
The state of the nation is live on Youtube-Tuesday at 11: 00 p.m.
Listen to the N state of the nation luister podcast episode / эпиз watch the episode
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Sources: Index Coop
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