Ern Vermelding of OKEx, the Etherity herdenkt Network, joins with Lionel Messi’s decommissioning

August 24, 2021-Los Angeles, California

Etherity Chain, a blockchain-based platform that allows users to take advantage of the growing popularity of unalterable tokens (NFTS), is now expanding its presence in OKEx. There are also gifts for Messi NFT and an autographed sweater by Lionel Messi himself.

Sundays August 23, 2021, OKEx mentions etherity’s own network icon, ERN, as the spot trading market. Under the symbol Ern, users will be able to deposit and exchange money immediately, and withdrawals will begin on August 25. The current trading market is ERN / USDT.

To commemorate this partnership, a special gift decoupling will be held between Etherity Chain and OKEx. OKEx users who contribute $ 2,000 to Ern or more can post a few short posts on Twitter to participate in the sweepstakes. The aim is to hand out several NFTS of Lionel Messi and a signed T-shirt. Fans of the former Barcelona Football Club star will not want to miss the opportunity.

Lionel Messi’S NFT, part of messiverse, is licensed and verified by the football star. Through an exclusive partnership, Etherity can create this collection together with Bosslogic and Impossible Brief. The Set consists of four parts in which the football star is depicted in various ways, including Bionic form. The Set was released on August 20, making this OKEx and Etherness Chain draw an opportunity for fans to hold these NFTS in their hands.

Okex CEO Jay Hao said,

“Congratulations to the team that made this possible. As a sports fan, I’ve always seen “Messi” and Alex Ovechkin on my radar. We are excited to support the Etherness network and are excited to see the NFT community grow stronger. NFT is an important element in combining mainstream and cryptography, and as an industry leader, we look forward to further supporting the development of this field.”

The addition of Ern marks a new milestone in the etherity Chain project. Ern’s own token now trades on all major cryptocurrency exchanges

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