• Epic Settles Fortnite Class-Action With V-Bucks

    Epic Games has received preliminary approval for settlement of its Loot Llama lawsuit. At least that’s one of many legal disputes resolved for Fortnite creator.

    Epic Games Settles Class Action With Game Currency

    In a news post on epicgames.com, the Fortnite creator has revealed that the Loot Llama class action lawsuit is to reach a resolution, finally. How? By paying Loot Llama purchasers off with V-Bucks.

    Each person who purchased a Loot Llama loot box (which contained several random in-game items), before Epic discontinued them, is eligible to receive a 1,000 V-Buck credit into their account.

    Good news for Epic, as this resolution means it can concentrate on more pressing matters, like its current spat with Apple.

    What Was the Loot Llama Class Action Lawsuit?

    Epic Games has the best take on the whys and wherefores of the Loot Llama class action:

    We used to offer random item Loot Llamas in Fortnite: Save the World, which was an in-game purchase option where you wouldn’t always know what you were getting. While some of you enjoyed purchasing random item Loot Llamas and being surprised by the content unlocked, others were disappointed. So we decided a better experience for players was to be upfront and outline the details of in-game purchases—through the Item Shop and with new “X-Ray” Llamas.

    Essentially, people knowingly bought random loot crates, with actual money, and were then angry that the random loot crate didn’t contain what they wanted. So, they took Epic to court because they were "disappointed".

    Did You Buy a Loot Llama Crate?

    If so, then you don’t actually need to do anything. According to Epic, anyone who fits the criteria for a V-Bucks bonus will receive it into their Fortnite account soon.

    Not only that, but Epic has gone one step further and said:

    While this settlement was for U.S. players only, we have decided to make this benefit available to players globally.

    So, it doesn’t matter that Epic fought this battle on US soil. Anyone in the world who invested in a disappointing Loot Llama crate will get 1,000 V-Bucks too.

    This is an even better deal for anyone whose Loot Llama crate wasn’t a disappointment though, isn’t it?

    Can You Still Get Loot Llama Crates?

    You can, but not the old style that is the subject of this class action. Now, Epic has introduced X-Ray Llamas instead. These random loot crates are in transparent boxes, so you can see the contents, meaning they aren’t actually random at all.

    Obviously this is splendid news if you buy random loot crates and then when you get random content you get upset. Which is kind of what you should expect from a random loot box…

    One Legal Battle Down for Epic Games

    Now that it has dealt with unsatisfied gamers, Epic can concentrate on the myriad other, much larger feuds it has going on at this time. Epic’s David still has Apple’s Goliath to take down, so to speak.

    If you are sick and tired of Epic and its constant bickering with other tech companies, or are so disappointed by Epic’s random game content that you feel the need to go to court over it, then perhaps it is time you just tried a different platform altogether.

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