Entertainment company Jay-Z Roc Nation buys metaverse Sensorium’s crypto tokens

On Wednesday, influential Hip-Hop artist Jay-Z, the full-service entertainment company founded by Roc Nation, reported that the company had purchased tokens from sensorium Corporation. The tokens acquired by ROC Nation are called senso (SENSO), the IN-platform currency of sensorium Galaxy, an entertainment-oriented meta-universe that combines cryptocurrencies with virtual reality (VR).

Roc Nation enters mixed world of Cryptocurrency and virtual reality Sensorium
Founded by Jay-Z, Roc Nation is a company specializing in entertainment, products and services such as talent acquisition, clothing, publishing, sports and leadership. Since Roc Nation announced it had acquired senso tokens (SENSO), the local currency for a metaverse connected to the Sensorium galaxy, the company is now beginning to deal with digital currencies.

Sensorium Metaverse currently offers a demo. “The demonstration of Sensorium Starship technology provides an early glimpse into the future of the Sensorium galaxy lobby, where experiences and events in social virtual reality will begin,” the website reads.””This show doesn’t reflect the final look and feel.”
Sensorium Corporation, the creators of metavelennoy, combined blockchain technology with virtual reality, and the project released “Prism”, one of the first worlds in Metavelennoy Sensorium. Prism visitors can attend music festivals, concerts and play mini-games with the opportunity to see artists such as David Guetta and Armin Van Buren.

Sensorium Corporation plans to launch the next metaverse world called “the move”, which is said to include the underwater metaverse experience. “Let your movements be your language,” says sensorium’s description of the world of motion. “Connect with your emotions through deep awareness and exciting dance performances in the underwater area. Dive into this mystical land to feel the deep connections possible through pure movements.”

Wednesday’s announcement of the purchase of senso tokens from Roc Nation explains the company’s progress towards the future. Desiree Perez, CEO Of Roc Na

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