Emotion draait Bull also bitcoin racket from verleden $ 38k-eToro Crypto Roundup



In an explosive market recovery, bitcoin topped $ 38k and earned more than 25% of weekly profit.

The downward trend began to change on Wednesday, when Elon Musk appeared at a” b-word ” conference and made it clear that his love for bitcoin was not lost. Then on Friday, news that Amazon had hired a blockchain specialist helped push prices higher.

In the face of such bullish strength, concerns about impending regulation have subsided and kriptorynke has seen a rise in prices. Polygon’s 2. The level decision made a 45% profit, Stellar was up 30% on rumours that the fund was buying MoneyGram, and Ethereum recorded equally large gains.

Highlights of this week

Elon musk boosts market recovery
Amazon moves on digital currency

Elon musk boosts market recovery
On Wednesday, the three biggest names in crypto – Elon musk, Katie Wood and Jack Dorsey-sat down at a round table, helping to shift Sunday sentiment in favour of the Bulls.

Most notably, musk acknowledged that bitcoin mining is moving toward renewable energy sources and said Tesla will once again adopt the cryptocurrency in the future. What’s more, the self-proclaimed technocrat has shown that both SpaceX and Tesla love Bitcoin and personally own bitcoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum.

Not to be outdone, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said bitcoin would be a “big part” of the future of his own business and help drive profits in the crypto market.

For next weekend
After such an explosive reversal, traders will be watching closely whether the move will be a turning point against falling prices in recent weeks.

Helping the rise is London-based ethereum hardfork, which will lead to the long-awaited update of ethereum improvement proposal (EIP) 1559, scheduled for August 4, 2021.

But we could see more on Wednesday

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