El Salvador and Bitcoin: Jack Mallers reveals the inside scoop

It could be the biggest story of 2021. Ever since El Salvador put Bitcoin on legal tender, all eyes have been on the Central American nation. Strike's Jack Mallers was the one who delivered this world-shattering news. Exclusive closed its Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami by talking about leaving on a high note. Related literature | Bitcoin uses green energy infrastructure and Elon agrees. Here is the proof. Why was this young man a messenger? That's the story we've summarized here. Mallers was a guest on a recent episode of the podcast "What Bitcoin Did", explaining the ins and outs of this potentially world-changing event. As you can imagine, it all started in the Bitcoin Beach community long before Mallers arrived. He even partially went to El Salvador to see the project. El Salvador Makes Bitcoin Legal Tender, Chronology of Events Jack Mallers arrived at Bitcoin Beach in late February/early March. He wanted to "understand what's going on". First he lived in El Zonte for a month. “I want to give all the credit to Bitcoin Beach. They're the reason I went to El Salvador." Then she went to San Salvador. There was a strike all over the news. Remittances are big thing in El Salvador and their service does it for free using the Lightning Network. He got a Direct Message on Twitter. President Bukele It belonged to 's brother. At first he was scared. He didn't know if he was in trouble. They asked for a meeting. He tried to postpone the meeting for a week. They exchanged messages about the lack of financial inclusion in the country. The Presidency saw Bitcoin as an integral part of the future of the world. El Salvador They thought he was in a unique position to take the first step. The Presidency insisted on meeting for the next day. Jack Mallers was still afraid. He went with a friend and had another friend waiting to call the US embassy if something went wrong. He went. He and President Bukele' s brother talked about financial inclusion, open networks, free ma.

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