Een Match gemaakt op Blockchain: Studium en MVP workshop specialization integrator om de EdTech ruimte te transformeren

Singapore, 12 July 2021. MVP Workshop, a leading developer of ürünler-products in Europe, officially working on cooperation with studium, promising стартапом implementing a modernization paradigm training, combined with a new learning management system, the latest technological advances. The collaboration is expected to significantly simplify the platform development process with the workshop expert MVP product development process. 

As a learning management system, Studium is based on blockchain technologies that use student tokens, a standalone cryptocurrency, to encourage student activity on the platform. MVP Workshop, which has established itself as an expert in blockchain products that manage numerous million-dollar projects such as the Celsius Network and Polygon, will be able to impressively advance the design and development of the studio. 

MVP Workshop’s experience lies in its ability to cover all areas of project development, focusing on the features of the blockchain industry. They successfully managed various projects with similar requirements, designing and developing everything from tokens to full blockchain architecture. Since studyum’s “learn and win” system relies heavily on benefit markers, the partnership will be beneficial for both parties.

“MVP Workshop is famous in Europe and the blockchain industry for its innovative solutions, so of course we are happy to work with them. Over the next two years we plan to launch Studyum in a variety of disciplines, starting with sports, wellness and education in general. This partnership is an important milestone for both companies and I am confident that together we will achieve great success,”says Igor Dyachenko, co-founder and CEO of Studium.

On Studieum

As the world’s first blockchain education platform, Studyum’s goal is to develop a learning path for the future, and the future is today. Revolution

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