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In the interesting age we live in.  2020 was one of those that got into history textbooks, and for a variety of reasons.  It was one of those issues that literally made headlines every day, and-probably for most of us, I think it’s going to be the year we want us to press CTRL+Z. however, unless there is a global pandemic, most likely the most important title of the year will be the birth of a new economy, a new currency, a new technology and a new worldview.  The Blockchain revolution really hit the stratosphere in the summer of 2020, even though it’s been going on for a decade.  Global panic, suffering economy and a good idea of what is happening in their homes, many people who in the face of increasingly more innovative, finance, contracts, supply chains, and even games that can add value to their applications and platforms used in sectors such as create time.  

If Bitcoin was an introduction to the concept of blockchain for many, Ethereum was an introduction to what blockchain could do and how it could evolve from a vaguely understandable word to something that adds tangible value.  Since Ethereum, countless developers have designed, created and launched applications whose popularity is growing very fast.  ICOs have become increasingly common, and although there are some useless platforms created just to sell their tokens and enrich founders, others have explored the limits of what Blockchain A La Ethereum can do.  It was a magical, wonderful time.

Ethereum Ecosystem
Fast forward a year and the growing pains will be tense.  While Ethereum remains the undisputed leader in the blockchain economy, its popularity has created serious bottlenecks, causing the system to overload.  This congestion takes the form of slow transactions and exorbitant gas prices.  And those two points mean life or death for the myriad applications built for fast, low-cost operations.  If this can deliver a better blockchain, then only high-value transactions

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