eBay 'thinks' crypto as a payment option, explores NFT integration

In an interview hosted by CNBC, eBay CEO Jamie Lannone explained that the e-commerce platform is exploring the possibility of integrating crypto payments and NFTs (non-exchangeable tokens). "We're still looking for and will always look at the most relevant payment methods. Keep evaluating this in the future. We don't have an urgent plan, but it's something we'll keep an eye on," Lannone said. Big companies like Coinbase and PayPal offer crypto payments and purchases on their platforms. eBay also partnered with the payment company to facilitate payments before PayPal announced that it allows crypto transactions on its platform. After working with PayPal for the past few years, eBay has now joined Adyen, a new payment processor from PayPal. because the operational agreement with PayPal expired last year PayPal was previously a wholly owned subsidiary of eBay after the acquisition in 2002, but later a separate company in 2015. Some unchangeable b et al tokens, the company still He says they are researching how NFTs can be made "simply" integrated into their platform. Iannone, "eBay il "One of the great things about e is that whenever there is a new trend, it just pops up on eBay," he said. "This is what we see in areas like NFT where we want to explore this better." EBay acknowledged that certain types of digital assets such as NFTs and even Bitcoin (BTC) are already available on the platform. Albeit on an unregulated and informal basis. Users can list BTC sales on the platform and NFT sales are also possible. However, for the platform to be integrated, it must either integrate with a cheap NFT or make it yourself. “Everything collectible has been on eBay for decades and will remain so for decades to come,” added Iannone.

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