EarnBet.io – The First Fully Decentralized Casino

EarnBet is the world’s first fully decentralized casino with a wide range of interesting and profitable games. The Casino has a very profitable advantage, a generous welcome bonus, a profit-sharing philosophy and clearly fair rates incorporated into the blockchain.

Overview of the impressive game catalog
To provide an exciting and profitable gambling experience, earnbet has signed contracts with professional game developers. Each title is well optimized to provide an attractive entertainment factor. Here’s a quick look at the basic EarnBet games:

Dice games were directly responsible for the popularization of cryptocurrency casinos. EarnBet offers a great dice game interface that promises great odds. Users can easily see their winning chances and potential payouts. In October, the dice game is clearly honest and tested for honesty by a blockchain expert. The advantage of the starting House is 1.5%, but can be completely reduced to 0.5% by betting tokens. No other casino has such a low advantage.

Players can place bets on the go or rely on an automatic betting mechanism. Just set a few parameters and watch your luck!

Blackjack lovers will definitely love the earnbet game, because it is easy to play and has profitable odds. It has the lowest Casino advantage, so hundreds of users play this game every day.

Baccarat is another popular card game that offers a stylish and fun gaming interface. The game is simple, even for beginners, as the Casino provides a detailed view of the rules.

Crash is a Next-Generation Game in which players bet against a time-based cash multiplier. The key here is to cash in and stop the exponential curve before it collapses. This game offers unprecedented backlash, as the multiplier can increase significantly. As the multiplier increases, the curve is more likely to collapse. Therefore, this is a game of risk and profit

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    InterTrader 0.6pips (fixed) margin: 3.33%
    CMC Markets 0.7pips. (variable) margin: 3.33%
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