Earn coins and tickets for Euro Bowl final at AEX during passionate summer

Aex is hosting the” AEX crypto Cup: divide the $ 10,000 prize pool and win final tickets” event, where participants receive free tokens (DOGE, GAT, CHZ, WICC, USDT, ETH, ETC.) by guessing the winning teams of the European Cup.) they have a chance to get it. The Hit event is the perfect combination of sports and blockchain. Until July 12, betting users have the option to share the prize pool. More members, more pool value! Click here.
Founded in 2013, AEX (aex.com it is one of the world’s leading commercial digital asset banks, specializing in providing a variety of digital asset management services to millions of users.

 It now works hard to help users achieve the goal of safe investment and sustainable value creation using a wide range of product models, such as effective partner selection, Defi and deposit. Partner recruitment services such as Cryptocurrency trading, permanent contracts and aswap allow users to deliver their digital assets with super liquidity. Asset management services such as deposit and Defi offer a variety of welfare improvement models that allow users to earn more tokens with inactive assets. By using mortgage services and private banking services, users can expand their income based on their limited resources. OTC territory proved to be an effective way to convert cryptocurrency into real money. It offers digital currency lovers a convenient entry point into the world of blockchain.

AEX, which specialises in asset trading and management, has created a digital asset-based financial experience centre that combines trading, mining, asset management and lending. Ever-growing digital asset derivatives have enabled millions of users worldwide to manage their digital assets with revenues from scientific resources and stable revenue streams. For example, more than 300 comparable cryptocurrencies in AEX, daily trading volume is more than US $ 250 million. To date, Fortune Pal has worked 783 days safely, earning sperm

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