Dvision network to hold “live debate” on cryptocurrency legislation held by Korean National Assembly

PRESS RELEASE. The blockchain-based metaverse-based dvision network will be part of the story that promises an event-filled event. The NFT metaverse will hold a” live discussion ” on cryptocurrency legislation and remediation measures organized by the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea.

Live discussion is broadcast as part of Metaverse Dvision

The live debate will take place on August 12, 2021 on metaverse Dvision from 14: 00pm EDT to 17: 00pm. The event is an important milestone in the initiative of the Korean Parliament, in cooperation with deputies of leading political parties such as the Democratic and people’s ruling parties.

The issue of legislation related to cryptocurrencies has become a hot topic around the world. Many in the financial industry are considering developing KYC and AML compliance practices as well as tax returns as a way to ensure proper crypto Editing.

South Korea is considered an industry leader in this respect, and the discussion will focus on these core issues in the cryptocurrency industry. In October, experts, including representatives of the Government of the National Assembly of Korea, who will express their views on controversial issues in the field of cryptocurrency, are expected to participate in the debate.

The first speaker, Jong Sango, CEO of Delio, a leading crypto finance company, will review the implementation of storage and wallet business services from a legal perspective. The second speaker was a famous lawyer, Sir. Joe Wonhi, the lead lawyer at law firm light, who will discuss shortcomings in a private financial information law approved by the South Korean government in early March 2021 with the goal of rapid enforcement of crypto regulation. The speaker is expected to highlight the weaknesses of this important legislation and address issues related to the improvements that need to be made to the Private Financial Information Act.

Jeong Jieol, certified President of Korea

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