Dusk Network turns smart private contracts into reality

For the first time ever, smart contracts offer complete privacy. The launch of the Dusk Network Rusk Zero Knowledge Virtual Machine Libraries made this possible. Personal and transaction data can now be kept confidential. Smart contracts automatically execute code based on the terms of a contract or contract. They significantly reduce the need for a trusted third party in the form of intermediaries and arbitrators, and reduce costs as well as malicious or accidental exceptions. However, they are almost completely transparent and blockchain readable so far, which raises some issues such as the right to privacy in transactions. Privacy – Is It Really Important? Blockchain technology has led to a series of breakthrough developments that completely disrupt some industries. For example, decentralized finance (DeFi) has once again hit the heels of the traditional financial sector, quickly making many of them obsolete. On a related note, the art world is completely redefined as Non-Exchangeable Tokens (NFTs) ensure the uniqueness of an artist's work and provide a reliable means of transferring. assets. The problem arises when the art buyer or the person initiating the financial transaction wants to keep their identity secret for one of many valid reasons. One of the main advantages of blockchain is that it can be seen as a disadvantage here as all transactions can be viewed publicly through transparency. Solving this problem is really important, and the possibility of making smart contracts hidden changes the rules of the game. End-to-End Release Candidate Publishes weekly Dusk Network topics / libraries to achieve the first privacy blockchain with built-in secret smart contracts. The candidate version consists of these different libraries, some of which have already been published. Immutable storage in the form of Microkelvin toolkit creates an unconscious data structure

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