DuckDAO And SparkPoint Partnership Focus On Democratizing Investment Opportunities

DuckDAO announced a strategic partnership with sparkpoint that will focus on financial inclusiveness and increase the accessibility of decentralized finance and cryptocurrencies to a wide audience. 

Both cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance (Defi) represent the next step in how people deal with Finance, dictate how they spend, protect and invest their capital, and manage their finances. However, only a fraction of the population uses it or may own cryptocurrencies. 

Mutually Beneficial Partnership 
Duckdao’s latest strategic partner, SparkPoint, is trying to change imbalances in cryptocurrencies and Defi by making Defi and cryptography more accessible to the public, creating an ecosystem and product range that promotes financial inclusivity. 

DuckDAO and SparkPoint have similar views on how Duckdao brings cryptocurrencies to the masses, allowing them to easily access opportunities previously offered only to a few venture capitalists with their good connections and crypto funds. 

Both Duckdao and SparkPoint hope to benefit from a mutually beneficial strategic partnership based on information sharing, deal flow and overall support. 

Attracting cryptocurrencies to the masses 
SparkPoint creates the digital infrastructure needed to democratize digital payments and cryptocurrencies. Given the never-before-seen interest in cryptography, SparkPoint is helping companies and individuals overcome the challenges faced when entering the crypto field. Problems can arise in the form of high costs, poor customer service, poor user experience, and a lack of relevant resources. 

Product Ecosystem 
To make decentralized finance and cryptocurrencies more accessible, SparkPoint has created numerous products, including: 

SparkPlay-SparkPlay is a collection of in-house games that provide crypto-based rewards and content to Player owners. Games on sparkplay are currently Crypto Burst, Crypt Sl

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