Dotmoovs signed Luis Figo and Ricardo Quaresma as brand ambassadors

Including famous sports figures in new technology projects can often be very effective. dotmoovs hosted two new ambassadors in Luis Figo and Ricardo Quaresma. These two respected professional footballers will help start blockchain on a new level. A big step for dotmoovs Blockchain startups often find it difficult to engage their target audience. Most people on this planet don't see the need for a blockchain, let alone the services that use it. Including brand ambassadors is an important step towards making this story better. In the case of Dotmoovs, the team successfully recruited Luis Figo and Ricardo Quaresma to increase the appeal of this blockchain startup. With the help of these brand ambassadors, dotmoovs can gain popularity among fans of both professional footballers. Sports enthusiasts will be exposed to cryptocurrencies and non-exchangeable tokens through dotmoovs' unique online competitive app. Anyone can join a match with other players to show off their soccer skills. Built-in artificial intelligence evaluates each player's performance independently and determines the winner. The winner will then receive MOOV tokens or NFTs. The competitive aspect of this offer allows players to always try to improve and beat their opponents. By putting the presentation of your skills on an issue and adding incentives to it, the world of football opens up to more people regardless of race, gender or location. Extending football's appeal For Dotmoovs, the main focus is football. Freestyle Football is the foremost competitive sport on the platform. To expand the appeal of this option, the dotmoovs team reached out to several former football players for feedback on their approach. Luis Figo was the first to see the value of this option and was the first supporter of the platform. Luis Figo says: “ There are football fans during the Covid outbreak in 2020

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