Dotmoovs secures $ 840,000 for competitive blockchain-based sports business

The irreplaceable coin industry continues to hit all the reels. As the total number of sales increases and more competitive platforms enter the market, new incentives come into play to explore this offer. NFT Platform dotmoovs raised $ 840,000 in private funding to strengthen its platform. Why are dotmoovs different? There is a growing interest in non-exchangeable tokens and their associated service providers. Dotmoovs, powered by advanced computer vision algorithms, is one of the platforms that has recently completed a private funding round. There are many opportunities to unlock in the future as the Dotmoovs team will focus on the sports industry. One of the main selling points of NFTs is how they can bridge the gap between physical and geographic constraints, evaluate skills, and introduce new ways to make money. Creating a comprehensive and competitive sports platform that allows users to challenge friends or players with similar skills can bring people from all over the world together in a meaningful way. “We are proud that such important investors have joined us in creating the world's first crypto-mobile sports competition environment,” said Ricardo Martins Costa, Head of Growth at Dotmoov. We know they can support our growth and provide industry-specific knowledge and knowledge. will be a determining factor for us. Our vision is a solid platform powered by blockchain and an advanced artificial intelligence system that can analyze the videos of players involved in sports competitions in real time. Global competition, dotmoovs can successfully unite sports fans around the world to compete with each other. The platform's AI-based video referee can evaluate performance in real time. Using blockchain technology, anyone can evaluate results fairly and transparently. The Success of Private Financing Tour Dotmoovs' vision has caught the attention of many investors. Financing round of $ 840,000 completed

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