Dotmoovs blockchain app using Luis Figo and Ricardo Quaresma as ambassadors

Blockchain-based sports platform dotmoov announced that two football legends, Luís Figo and Ricardo Quaresma, were signed as brand ambassadors. Both professional athletes are from Portugal and will use their professional influence to introduce sports fans to the booming crypto industry. The global epidemic has caused activities in all sectors to suddenly cease. One of the most affected is the world of sports. Tech companies are using blockchain to solve this problem. The early stage blockchain-based sports platform aims to increase sports fans through its online sports league app. dotmoovs Target sports enthusiasts Dotmoov, a sports league app, allows users to participate in competitions directly with other users. The winner will receive Ethereum-based MOOV tokens and Non-Exchangeable Tokens (NFTs), unique pieces of digital collectibles stored on the blockchain, based on the decision of an artificial intelligence-based engine powering the platform. On the Dotmoovs platform, players film themselves with smartphone cameras using the system's anti-fraud mechanism while participating in matches, tournaments and competitions. The players choose the game, choose the bet, choose an opponent or let the dotmoovs do the match and the competition begins. There are several game modes: Solo, Party, Teams and Pro-Seasons; here the winners get the prize pool less than the organization cost. Speaking about the roster of two Portuguese legends, dotmoovs growth manager Ricardo Martins Costa said the initiative is working with celebrities to promote the Football Freestyle competition and the app as a whole. Figo is a former Portuguese star who worked for Real Madrid in the early 2000s and formed a star team with British football icon David Beckham. "The Covid outbreak in 2020 forced football fans around the world to discover new ways to play their favorite sport," says Figo.

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