DOT price loses 1.3 % in 24 hours-how to buy DOT Dip

The crypto market appears to be consolidating at a higher level as Bitcoin tries to break the $ 35K mark. Polkadot also relied on that support to move higher after a small increase last week. The Polkadot Network prides itself on being one of Ethereum’s competitors due to their high speed.
The DOT is down 1.3% over the past 24 hours, trading at $ 15.40 at the time of writing.
Point Price Analysis
July June the DOT token posted big gains, but moved to a bearish note in July. The DOT price now appears to be consolidating at its current level, so volatility is low. A gradual increase in prices has also been reported.
Now the rise for crypto al DOT will depend on whether the coin can overcome the resistance level of $ 18. To reach this level and progress, Sunday and purchasing support is required. Buy-to-let support can push the dot above $ 20, and a flag of uptick appears here. However, new traders bought during the decline may sell at this point; therefore, we may see Polkadot consolidated under $ 20 for some time.
In the event of a downward trend, the bottom support for the DOT is at $ 14. If the current decline continues and more losses occur, the Dot could rise to about $ 12, where bears will officially be strong. Withdrawals of around $ 12 mean that the broader Sunday support is not great, however.
The Polkadot community is currently excited about parachuting in the net. The current phase in the network is the deployment of parachutes, which are expected to increase the value of the network and then increase the demand for DOT tokens. The Parachain auction helped boost the value of Polkadot at the start of the year.
The Polkadot network is a worthy competitor to Ethereum due to its high speeds, but it also faces stiff competition from Solana and Polygon. However, with further improvements expected in the network, DOT could gain a competitive advantage.
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