Don't Have A Cow: Bart Simpson is back to Bitcoin

The crypto market is in fierce debate: is Bitcoin in the top of the bull market? Bears drooling for cheaper coins say yes, whereas bulls who want to see flow estimates from stock say otherwise. But which one is it? A secondary conflict surrounds the issue: "If this was a peak, it certainly doesn't look like that." And though that's true, you don't have a cow man. We will explain why the last summit heralded Bart Simpson's return and why this move was like him. "If this is a peak in Bitcoin, it doesn't look like a peak" Even if you are not a professional in technical analysis and your life depends on it, it is quite clear that the tops and bottoms usually come, even if you cannot read a chart. a sharp point – a sign that a resurgence is approaching and violence is lagging behind. Round bases are common but are slow processing of a process and tend to stretch over an extended period of time. Related reading | Bear Phase Fractal Warns of Pain, Bitcoin Bull Market Will Not Break The shape and layout of the last Bitcoin "peak" has confused many traders and analysts. Where is the evacuation phase? Where is the drop retest? What kind of pattern is this actually? All these questions are used as firepower to pretend that this is not a peak. A few sharp pointed spiky patterns on the resistor instead look like the top of a famous cartoon character's head: Bart Simpson. Bart moves back to BTC | Source: BTCUSD via Twitter on I'm Bart Simpson, who are you? Bartholomew JoJo Simpson, or Bart for short, first appeared as a short film on The Tracey Ullman Show in 1987. A special show was first aired in 1989 and has been running ever since. The animated character is a TV icon and the show is a pop culture phenomenon admired by millions. So why are crypto traders so upset when Bart appears on the Bitcoin price chart? Related reading | Eat My Shorts: Everything No.

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