Dogecoin Replaces XRP To Become 4th Largest Cryptocurrency Now Larger Than BMW

Dogecoin is currently the fourth largest cryptocurrency exchanging its market capitalization for XRP, with a market cap of $ 70 billion. The currency rose over 45% to reach a new ATH above $ 0.60 from $ 0.397 for the day. Source: CoinMarketcap fueled by the TikTok craze and the buzz of social media, and of course the 'Elon Musk effect, it hit an all-time high this month, recording its previous ATH of over $ 0.43 earlier this month. The current rally is believed to also anticipate Elon Musk's upcoming SNL draft. Musk was called by many because of Dogecoin hiping and shilling, which could lead many amateur investors to heavy losses, but considering the current price of Doge, the shilling has finally worked for many investors. TikTok. and many of them became millionaires overnight. However, it's also worth noting that despite Musk's huge shillings, Dogecoin itself bought Bitcoin and began to accept it as a payment method for electric cars. What started as Doge Now A Bigger meme than BMW and later grew into a truly decentralized, community-run cryptocurrency has had a pretty extraordinary year since the beginning of the year. While many do not really like the massive engagement, they claim it is not a use case and does not give clues to the origin of the mama. But this year, it's not just the price that sees new records, the Doge is now increasingly used as a means of payment for many platforms, including a Nissan dealership and Dallas Mavericks products. Your NBA team. The cryptocurrency has not only surpassed XRP in terms of market cap and is among the top 5 crypto assets, but its market cap of $ 70 billion makes it bigger than BMW, Ford, and Twitter. The Dogecoin shipment replaced XRP, becoming the 4th largest cryptocurrency, now larger than BMW's first appearance on Coingape.

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