Dogecoin price fell 5.3 % to $ 0.203-where to buy DOGE

Dogecoin is not performing very well this month as it has failed to record new peaks. Elon musk came to Dogecoin’s aid with a Tweet last week, but the rise of that tweet was short-lived, given that Dogecoin subsequently fell and failed to sustain its upward trend.
At the time of writing, DOGE was trading at $ 0.203 on major exchanges after falling 5.3% in 24 hours.
Source of Dogecoin price analysis: TradingView Doge bears appear to be gaining momentum given that the coin has lost most of its value in the past 24 hours. DOGE is currently trading at a very critical level, as a small drop below $ 0.20 indicates stronger bears are approaching.
Buy Dogecoin now, the DOGE will fall below $ 0.20 if there is no market support and buyers quit their jobs to avoid new losses. Bitcoin has managed to maintain the $ 33k level at the moment, but the ETH is trading at just over $ 2000. As these two largest cryptocurrencies fall from their current levels, we can observe the decline in dogecoin prices.
On the other hand, this downgrade of Dogecoin could create an ideal access position for traders looking to buy during the downturn. Therefore, we can combine Dogecoin’s testimony at about $ 0.22. Moving beyond $ 0.25 will only happen when there is support from the entire market.
The current drop in Dogecoin prices marks one of the biggest volatility in the market this month, so owners should be wary.
Elon musk has been criticized for his recent attack on bitcoin and Ethereum. Musk recently said that the Bitcoin and Ethereum networks are not scalable enough, so dogecoin has an advantage over these cryptocurrencies.
The Musk-backed dogecoin update is done in collaboration with litecoin. Lightcoin is dog’s main blockchain and the merger will have a strong impact on the network. Gabor Gurbax, VanEck’s digital director, expressed his concerns about the case in a Twitter post addressed to Maske.
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