Dogecoin last week: Doge Saga Continues, Doge in Coinbase trading and a new lawsuit

For Dogecoin, it’s been another event-filled week with Coinbase’s e-commerce integration, misleading promotions and the usual conversations from the dog’s father. Let’s go take a closer look. 

A New Picture Or New Perspectives? Dogecoin May Come Back
The price of Dogecoin over the weekend jumped more than 15% after self-proclaimed “father of the dog” Elon Musk altered his Twitter profile picture to show the dogecoin mascot dog.

The new profile depicted a billionaire sporting mirror kites reflecting his Shiba Inu dog. And despite Dogecoin raising its price to $ 0.203, the peak was short-lived. It quickly fell to $ 0.1782. Coin-mem has had a lot of ups and downs, especially as Musk periodically tweeted about it, driving the market crazy. 

Musk at innovation’s B-Word event
The Tesla CEO showed his continued support for Dogecoin at this week’s B-Word event, saying memecoin is not speculative assets. Instead, ” dogecoin is money.”Musk also developed ideas that were previously launched to update Dogecoin through ethereum to increase transaction speed and reduce transaction costs.

Musk stated, 

“Maybe there’s some merit in putting something like ethereum and dog Decoin together. There’s some credit to thinking about something with a higher maximum transaction speed and lower transaction costs and seeing how far you can go.

At the time of writing, the coin had returned to a high value of $ 0.2198.

Bring Dogecoin To Coinbase Trading
The crypto exchange e-commerce branch of Coinbase trading will now support and accept dogecoin payments. According to the company’s announcement on Twitter, Doge is ranked 7th on this platform after bitcoin (BTC), bitcoin cash (BCH), ether (ETH), lightcoin (LTC), Dai and US dollar (USDC) will accept cryptocurrency.

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