Dogecoin, Baby Doge and safe moon crypto mammal coins see price drop

Some of the crypto industry’s most popular coins-Dogecoin, Baby Doge and Safe Moon-all came out this week. 

Dogecoin-DOGE)-one of the most famous cryptocurrency due to this money Elon Mask hobby-days and last week decreased by about 4%.

While that doesn’t sound awful, Dogecoin has had a terrible month, falling nearly 20% over the past 30 days from $ 0.25 to $ 0.19. During that 30-day period, Dogecoin creator Jackson Palmer says cryptocurrencies have become “financially helpless and naive” prey.

“After years of study, I believe cryptocurrency is a decidedly accurate, hypercapitalist technology created primarily to bolster the wealth of its supporters through a combination of tax evasion, regulatory oversight and artificial deficits,” he tweeted. 

Today, Dogecoin’s market capitalization is $ 1.6 billion, which is 25% of the total crypto Sunday.

Baby Dogecoin (BABYDOGE)-currently priced at $ 0.000000001547-things are getting worse, down about 9% for the day and more than 7% last week. Last month, baby Dogecoin fell 42% from the price of $ 0.000000005890. The market level of Baby Dogecoin has not been tested. 

Dogecoin up 10% after updating photo of Elon Musk on Twitter with Doge’s eye
– Safe month, safe month) currently estimated at $ 0.00000195, down about 14% in the last 24 hours, to 26% in the last 7 days, and about 40% last month.

Safe Moon’s market capitalization is just over $ 1 billion, and the cryptocurrency is struggling to register in the broader industry with Sunday dominance of 0.07%.

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