'Doge4Amazon' petition gains momentum as thousands of people ask Amazon to accept Dogecoin

Up to 130,000 people have signed a petition for Amazon to accept Dogecoin as a payment option. This follows the rise in dogecoin price in recent weeks. Dogecoin Petition for Amazon The petition called Doge4Amazon currently has a total of 130,000 signatures from people in the Dogecoin community. It was first launched in September 2018 by an anonymous user named Mark E on Change.org where it only targeted 25,000 signatures. However, it broke the 100,000 signature marks last month, and this can be attributed to the cryptocurrency's price surge. A link to the petition was posted to the active Dogecoin community on Reddit on Sunday, where it received 1,100 affirmative votes. Mark E revealed in the latest update that Amazon was approached by staff at Change.org on behalf of the petition after the petition exceeded 100,000 signatures. The price of the Shiba Inu game based on dog notes, founded in 2013 by former IBM software engineer Billy Markus and joke product manager Jackson Palmer, recently skyrocketed before it collapsed. According to CoinMarketCap, the valuation is around $ 29 billion from $ 50 billion. While small business owners and entrepreneurs are already adopting cryptocurrency, the petition aims to push Amazon to be one of the first large companies to use it as a payment instrument. With Amazon's massive 47% market share in the US e-commerce retail market and net sales of over $ 280 billion as reported in 2019, many expect Dogecoin to be accepted. However, this is a promising consideration as the retailer has not yet accepted Bitcoin as a payment method. Amazon reportedly posted job postings earlier this year stating it might consider launching its own digital currency project and trying it out in Mexico soon. The yet undisclosed project, which the company defined in connection with job postings, looked like a digital currency that would turn directly into cash.

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