Doge on upward trend after 80% shake-up, will bears allow $ 0.36?

Dog price down nearly -10% last week
Doge price formed the bull wing
70MA has been supporting for almost a month

Will The Bears Allow $ 0.36?
Dogecoin (DOGE) has generally been calm over the past month, as many coins have become parabolic. The hype around the memes has certainly died down in recent months, as have many powerful people who have influenced Doge coins. Many wonder why dog didn’t drop below $ 0.40 when Doges ATH was in the middle of $ 0.70. Overall, a good explanation for why Dogecoin has not experienced sharp growth compared to others comes from how much it has grown in the past year and a half. Since it was set up in March 2020, the price of the dog has still risen by about 25,000%. That doesn’t mean he can’t go any higher, however. When the Bulls cope with the bullish pennant break, there will be another upward bounce.

Since the Doge price rose above $ 0.25, it has maintained a lower Trend line. This trend line is almost 3 weeks, and the price has not yet fallen further. This trend also formed the bottom of the bull pennant, shown in light blue. The Doge is approaching the top of this triangle, and there will be a breakthrough soon.

If the bulls manage to move in the opposite direction, they should also break and hold the big resistance mark of $ 0.327- $ 0.338. If it is found to be successful, the Doge will have an empty sky to rise to $ 0.36 – $ 0.38. 

Doge coin price analysis: 4-hour Doge chart / USDT

Most often, when a bull pennant is formed, it makes its way up with an accuracy of 80%. Should the Bulls not peak and fall below the pennant base, we should expect to fall to $ 0.296. Before that happens, bears must push the dog’s price below 70 MA, which has supported the price since the beginning of August. If the price falls below this average as well as the medium-term trend, there will probably be a downward trend. Support will be at$ 0.296, $0.281 and $0.265. 

When we look at stochastic RSI, it is approximately

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