Does Bitcoin's price really depend on Elon Musk's opinion? Interview with Norbert Goffa, co-founder of the ILCOIN Blockchain project

Alyona Karpinskaya's interview: Norbert Goffa Question: What do you think of Elon Musk's position where Tesla is moving away from Bitcoin, the negative effects of mining on the environment? A: To be honest, I think this is hilarious! Elon Musk realized that Bitcoin mining has an environmental impact. I think someone from Tesla told them that we no longer like Bitcoin because it harms nature … In summary, I think it's all a joke. Of course I don't want to laugh at the effect because we saw what happened. However, I doubt that the drop in prices was due solely to a tweet from Elon Musk. If this is true, this market has much weaker fundamentals than I expected. Question: If this was not triggered by Elon Musk's view, what was the real reason why Bitcoin and Ethereum dropped 30-40% in a few days? A: I don't want to develop conspiracy theories, but Elon Musk's statement only helped some groups who wanted to be short. Let's just ask the right question! Who benefits most when price drops? The answer is simple: changes. I don't want to blame anyone, but the activities of certain exchanges will be severely penalized in a regulated market. Q: What's up with the changes? Why do you think the stock markets are responsible for the overnight market crash? A: I'm not claiming that trading is the only catalyst for events, I'm just saying that a situation where TOP cryptocurrencies move 30-40% is good for them. Imagine for a moment Elon Musk tweeting and his ideas generating a hundred billion sales. I don't want to exaggerate or belittle Elon Musk, but I don't think he's just enough to make things happen. You need a market to make things happen, a market where there is a huge gap between relationship and reality.

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