Docker Changes Free Service Policy Due to Cryptocurrency Mining Abuse

Docker, a popular cloud computing integration solution, is making changes to its free service due to cryptocurrency mining abuse. The service stopped its "auto-generating" feature due to malicious abuse and used it to mine cryptocurrencies on its servers. This is a way of working that impacts various platforms for continuous integration in the cloud, including GitHub, GitLab, and Microsoft Azure. Docker had to make changes to its free services Docker, a popular CI cloud service, is making changes to its service policies due to crypto mining abuse. The cloud computing continuous integration service announced last week that it will no longer provide auto-generate features to its free service. Docker announced this in a blog post, noting that attacks have increased in recent months, affecting its paying customers. The team said: In April we doubled the number of build hours from our normal load, and at the end of the month we disabled ~10,000 accounts due to mining abuse. The next week we had ~2200 miners. Docker is an extremely popular piece of software that allows applications to run in partitions. This means that a package has all the libraries needed to run the application. This new limitation affects some users who use the auto-generate feature for free. The Docker team stated that while this is not an easy decision, it is the only action they can take to limit abuse. While Docker is a notable platform hit by this new type of attack, it's certainly not the only platform. Several cloud-based continuous integration providers are now facing similar attacks and are also working on countermeasures. These attacks also affect companies that provide cloud computing services such as GitHub, GitLab and Microsoft Azure. Attackers hijack continuous integration services by injecting code into applications that alter their original functionality. virtual one

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