Do you have bitcoin? NBA Brooklyn Nets Evaluates BTC Payment Options

The NBA's Brooklyn Nets are considering a new set of payment options that include Bitcoin (BTC) and possibly other crypto assets. Nets president John Abbamondi explained that the team's parent company, BSE Global, has been in talks with companies in the industry as it prepares to add potentially crypto assets, including Bitcoin, as a means of payment. “We are following space closely. We are meeting with a few potential partners. It's a very interesting and exciting area, and I think it's here to stay, especially when it comes to Bitcoin. Abbamondi says he expects the NBA franchise to make a statement on the issue "in the coming weeks or months." As for potential Nets partners, Abbamondi says they only plan to work with the best. the best in the newly emerging space. “We are focusing on companies that are highly reputable and highly regulated in this field, because we believe this field is changing so quickly that we are not as good as some of the players in this field and therefore the people we are. Let's talk. Now they are the first class ones as possible because if we are going to work with someone in that field, the first thing we want to do is make sure they are doing it right by their customers. As the New York-based NBA team continues its intention to accept crypto for payments, it will be part of a small but growing roster of sports franchises jumping into the basket of digital assets. In 2014, the Sacramento Kings became the first NBA team to accept BTC. Dallas Mavericks did the same in 2019 after announcing that they would accept Bitcoin for banknotes and goods. In a more recent development, Dallas Mavericks said in March that they adopted the Dogecoin cryptocurrency (DOGE) for banknotes and commodities. Don't Miss a Rhythm – Subscribe to receive crypto email alerts straight to your inbox. Follow us on Twitter, Faceb

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