Disturbing Stories: Is Bitcoin Tied To Longer Cycles With Declining Yields?

After one of the worst dips in Bitcoin's history, many are wondering if the crypto market has peaked. After the FUD, the market was hit by the FUD and had a negative impact on some owners. Many panicked private investors sold their money. Flashbacks began in January 2018 and suddenly there was talk of the start of a new bear market. For months, the crypto space around Bitcoin has been dominated by optimistic institutional adoption stories of BTC as a store of value that steals gold's shine. It became little more than an "up only" meme, it was a belief until the moment prices fell below any critical support. Despite the apparent sudden application, BTC's price collapse was predicted by many experts who could read the signs and indicators beyond the stories. Anonymous analyst "John Nash" has been studying this phenomenon for some time and has come up with an interesting theory. "Nash" looked to BTC's previous cycle to counteract "moonboism", a compensated state that traders suffer with a constant "Up Only" feeling. As the chart below shows, every BTC since 2021 has had one trait: they tend to be longer than before and offer less return on investment (ROI). Source: Josh Nash (@johnNas67967558) Bitcoin's first cycle started in 2011 with a period of 8 months. During this period, the price of BTC went from under $1 to about $10. The second cycle started sometime in 2013 and lasted for about 7 months with 2 different peaks at the end of that year and in 2014. Bitcoin's third cycle was the longest to date, with a period of 35 months. The current cycle has been extended by 28 months, the analyst said: cycles are clearly getting longer, ROI is clearly falling (law of diminishing returns). Anyone who still believes in a 4-year cycle and a fixed return on investment is clearly in denial/madness. Beware of Bitcoin Price Stories Presents 3 possible scenarios from the chart presented by the analyst. A culmination of the current cycle in the summer of 2022,

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