Disabled Venezuelan bitcoin miners can resume operations after 48 hours

A group of Venezuelan bitcoin miners cut off from the grid by regional authorities in Carabobo state will resume operations in the next 48 hours, according to the National Supervisory Authority of Cryptocurrency Sunacrip. The agency met with affected miners on Wednesday and assured regional authorities that they would make the necessary arrangements so they could avoid further decommissioning.

Venezuelan miners in Carabobo meet Sunacrip
A group of miners decoupled from the national power grid in Venezuela’s Carabobo state met with national cryptocurrency watchdog Sunacrip on Wednesday to discuss the reason for the measure and find a possible solution to the problem. Asonacrip, the National Cryptocurrency Association, reported that Joselit Ramirez, Venezuela’s national crypto assets manager, attended the meeting and promised to reconnect the farms within the next 48 hours.

Asonacrip also stated that the miners were leaving:

… Industrial parks are suitable for activities without compromising energy consumption, and also contribute to the restoration of the National Electricity System with their revenues.

The assembly did not mention the real reason for suspending miners ‘ electricity supply.

Power Requirement
Some people familiar with the case said those miners were removed from the power grid because of unforeseen situations in the state’s electricity supply. At the time of writing, no official explanation has been made explaining the reason for these actions.

Although there is no official data on miners in Venezuela, it is thought that most of the heshreyt located in the country did so without a Sunacrip license. Therefore, the institution always encourages the registration of miners and promotes the advantages of obtaining a license to produce cryptocurrencies. However, all the miners affected by the measure were Opera

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