Dionne Warwick naar headline Doge-themed festival Dogepalooza 2021

Like Dogecoin, fans have seen dogecan’s first crypto-flavored body spray created by word, and Oscar Mayer, 10 packs of the dogecoin brand, weenies and an augmented reality game called dogemon Go.. This is a dogecoin-themed event that will feature live entertainment from major artists such as Dionne Warwick, Damon Elliott and all the flowers.

Dogepalusa 2021
Fans of The Mem-based crypto asset dogecoin (DOGE) are holding a festival dedicated to digital currency and economics. Dogepalooza 2021 took its name from the popular lollapalooza music festival.

So expect @Chloeflower to perform @Dogepalooza on October 9 in the constellation area in Sugar Land, Texas!
# Dogepalooza # ChloeFlower # Dogecoin # DogecoinToTheMoon # dog Army # DogecoinRise https://t.co/nyogkykZe2

– Dogepalooza (@dogepalooza) August 13, 2021

According to the event’s web portal, the first Dogepalooza will begin on October 9 in Sugar Land, Texas. Organisers also note that in the future other dogepalooza events will be held in “many cities and countries around the world.”

“There will be live entertainment, drinks, food, products for dogecoin and a universal celebration of just doing good every day,” the Site says. Supporters also say “top secret artists “have”agreed to participate.”

The title currently announced is Grammy winner dionne Warwick. Dogepalooza will also feature a Grammy Award winner, producer and DJ Damon Elliot. In October, the final title will be named for American composer and classical pianist Chloe Flower. The website will also be home to the token repository (NFT), which cannot be replaced, but the page is currently in development.

Elon Musk: “Sounds Good”
Last June, when a person on Twitter asked if people would visit Dogepalooza 2021, Tesla CEO Elon musk responded to the tweet. “Sounds pretty funny,” Musk tweeted.

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