Digital Asset Marketplace Apifiny Prime FINRA Receives Reseller-Dealer License Approval

On Thursday, Apifiny, a global network for trading and operating digital assets, announced that the company's subsidiary Apifiny Prime has acquired a broker-reseller license from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). The company now joins brokerage and exchange companies such as Coinbase, Etoro, and Circle. FINRA issues Apifiny Prime broker-reseller license FINRA, the main regulator that oversees US brokers, has granted Apifiny Prime a broker-reseller license. The license allows Apifiny to embed private investors and sell securities, cryptocurrencies, stocks, and other types of financial products. Apifiny was founded by Haohan Xu in 2018 after seeing the inefficiencies in global bitcoin exchanges and claimed to "make a profit by buying and selling bitcoin on various exchanges." In the company's announcement of the approval of FINRA, Haohan Xu explained that its business has grown significantly and "from November 20 to March 21, the monthly transaction volume has increased four times to approximately $ 1.4 billion." in five continents and 12 countries. To avoid inefficiencies between global cryptocurrency exchanges, Apifiny partnered with 24 exchange partners. 10 of the two dozen are new and include top trading platforms such as Hbtc, Huobi, Ascendex, and “Haohan Xu from FINRA broker-reseller license approval, we are accelerating the development of our products, partnerships, recruiting and our overall growth towards the public offering, achieving this first phase of our broker-reseller license is an important step.” Xu added: This new license is innovative crypto seeking capital. It enables us to better serve their startups and is another validation point that we are well positioned to achieve a huge market response. ortunity in global digital commerce. . The license granted by FINRA to Apifiny is also

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