Diem offers investors a pre-sale discount

Facebook's Diem is about to launch, and the project's pre-sale website is announcing a pre-sale discount for early investors. The process of launching the digital currency has seen many bumps down the road, notably Libra's early rebranding to Diem and backlash from regulators and lawmakers. Diem's pre-sale marks a stage in his journey that many people thought would never come. Evolving from its early days as Libra, Facebook's digital currency is now owned by a union of 26 financial companies and has moved away from Facebook's original digital currency. In 2020, the company was announced in 2020, announcing that its hopes in the new digital Diem currency are for a complete rebrand that it will no longer associate with Libra and the regulatory controversy that followed. As Congress did not review Libra positively, the rebranding and new ownership of a holding of 26 financial firms removed some of the opposition to the new stablecoin. This is partly because Facebook is a few steps away from the project, and Diem has stated that they will phase out the digital currency when a digital currency is released from the Federal Reserve's central bank. This deal with the regulators means that, rather than being a direct competitor, Diem will withdraw the hard money once "funded money" emerges. Facebook's poor history of privacy has ignited much of the controversy surrounding the "privacy-focused" currency, which as a digital currency is expected to maintain strict privacy parameters. Diem chief economist Christian Catalini commented on the role privacy will play in the new Diem stablecoin: “This is a technology that innovates in privacy when it comes to selective disclosure and shows what you can really do with it” and “Diem is privacy by design and privacy by design.” We also want to promote privacy

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