Did FBI Hack Private Keys for Bitcoin Wallet or Colony Pipeline Hackers?

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) claimed on Monday it seized $2.3 million in Bitcoin paid for by Colonial Pipeline in a ransomware attack after receiving a court order. The alleged funds were found on a server in Northern California, but the federal agency refused to disclose how they accessed the Bitcoin wallet. The DOJ claimed that law enforcement was able to track multiple bitcoin transfers and determined that about 63.7 bitcoins, representing the proceeds from the victim's ransom, were transferred to a specific address to which the FBI gave the "private key." “or the rough equivalent of a password required to access assets accessible from a particular Bitcoin address. The initial perception was that the FBI had managed to obtain the private key of the Bitcoin wallet, but people who understood the matter wondered how a hacker group came to be. It was too complicated. and managed to shut down all the infrastructure, unable to retrieve the private keys safely into their Bitcoin wallets. One theory suggests that the hackers put the Bitcoin in a custody wallet in Northern California to sell it, and the FBI managed to track the money and confiscate before it can be cashed. If they have access to a private key, this is more believable as the agency doesn't need a court order to seize Bitcoin. Here's a perfect example of confusion. is it a court order when you have the wallet password? The reverse is also true. If the bitcoin was transferred to a custodian wallet , you don't need passwords.https://t.co/BnXqqrWnlX — Jordan Schac htel (@JordanSchachtel) June 7, 2021 Does FBI Action Raise Concerns About Bitcoin Network Vulnerability? When we connect the dots between the claims of the federal agency and the functioning of the Bitcoin network, it seems that there is no security breach in the Bitcoin network. The FBI can certainly get an order to seize money from an escrow wallet or against an exchange.

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