Did Ethereum’s Inventor Debut As An Actor? She joins Mila Kunis on the Nft show-gebaseerde

Ethereum inventor Vitalik Buterin will appear in a new animated web series called cat stoners alongside Mile Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, Jane Fonda, Chris Rock and Seth Mcfarlane. The show will attempt to succeed on a new model based on tokens that cannot be replaced (NFT).

Monday October 26, 2021, the 5-part series is scheduled to begin today. Viewers must buy an NFT worth 0.35 ETH, or about $ 700, at the time of writing.

An Ethereum-based digital entity will serve two purposes. First, it will allow users to access new episodes by purchasing digital artwork that is the character of the show.

The show was produced by Mile Kunis along with Sound Ventures partner Maaria Bajva. Both interviewed CoinDesk to describe the motives, the role of the Ethereum inventor, and the origin of the stoner cats.

Mila Kunis has admitted she is not one of the”tech world.” The show was originally intended for a streaming or television service, but the creators wanted to “stand out” and do something “different.” Kunis added:

( … ) how can we not follow the rules and regulations when it comes to our show. We want him to be very loud and very special, very honest and true to his nature. Maaria is working with Ashton and they kept talking about what’S called the NFT… (if you’re thinking about running the stoner cats) I wonder if I can do that in the NFT.

Speaking about the show’s storyline, Bajwa revealed that “cats” deliberately resembled kryptokitti, one of the original and popular NFT installments on Ethereum. The show’s creators, along with Mac Flavell, are working on the “creative genius” behind Big Head Studios, where these NFTS and animators work on Toy Story and other major productions.

Ethereum inventor Mila Cooney to play “Lord Catsington” in show
Bajwa also mentioned the Tokenomics of”stoner cats”. In addition, to give users access to new content, NFT can be traded on the open Sunday. Digital presence will

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